Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Thank you very much to all my readers of this blog. My poetry appears to be popular world-wide (I check the stats!). I do hope you have enjoyed following my journey as a poet, with many not-so-good efforts, some prize winners, and two simultaneous poetic themes happening, such as "The Irish Suite" and "Miniscule". Hopefully, in 2013 I will have many more poems for you to read from these two current manuscripts.

So to my readers in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Serbia, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand, Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal, India, Mozambique, Indonesia, Russia, Belgium, (Macedonia [FYROM], Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Finland, Spain< I'm visiting you, next year! Philippines, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Armenia, Mexico, France (merci beaucoup) - I keep adding more!> THANK YOU!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, and whether you're in the sun or snow, may your god go with you to keep you safe, cool or warm. May you have peace and joy, may the smiles of children be like mirrors in your eyes. Please stay safe, and do not drink & drive get a bus, a cab or a skipper to ferry you through the door.

I want you back - to read more!

Best wishes, Helen



Published by Australian Poetry Centre, Melbourne

of Arc & Shadow

of Arc & Shadow
Published by Sunline Press, WA

The Joyous Lake

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