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Poem from of Arc & Shadow 

Admirabilis - (collation of home)
                          The purpose of the poem, fills the room
                                                    Wallace Stevens  

We enter small rooms, cherished from the past,
each one telling a tale of my parents’ life.
Now they are gone, we need to unravel
what is left  ─people in a marriage ─
the things they kept. We threw Dad in the lake because
he loved to fish. Mother's in a narrow corridor
of sorts, & cannot escape ─
the world going on without her.
We still see the light in her eyes
after the stroke.
Houses are history with clutter & song,
the old place creaking as we walk. You can almost
hear the tank overflowing, gutters pinging,
high-heels on concrete, neighbours sneaking round
the corner in a flap from the rain. Betty who loved Jesus.
Rene, an adorable hypochondriac, who got sicker
when the new doctor came.

It’s delicate to pack fifty years of chattels: flowerpots,
fernery orchids, a shed full of tackle & tools.
If you touch something, you’re spirited back
to bikes on the lawn, cartwheels, winging the clothes line,
the family snake killer whacking the long grass
for the dog’s last chewed ball.
You’re a teenager, slipping into your mother’s room,
the dressing table's batwings coupling tiny bottles of scent,
glass top in a dust of fingerprints, old powder cracked
in her cut-glass like dried veins in a river bed.
Her silver brush & comb, an ensemble
she kept for forty years, clips & pins in a silver dish,
three drawers as wayward as your first perm.

The kitchen, still in weathered wood, throws out
more wonder. The retro cup & saucers in ear-shaped
handles. There’s a Willow set, tea-pots in orange, yellow, green,
matching bowls & jugs. Gifts on their wedding anniversary,
trophies from a pennant’s match, the sideboard hiding more
than its sixties storage. Ramekins, a cutlery set, tea-towels never used,
tablecloths & boxed cotton sheets. Your mother could combust
the golf club with the winning ticket in her hand.
You walk the halls, the verandah, open each wardrobe.
Coats still hang behind the door. You press your nose into your mother’s
cream cashmere, scent of rose. This is a longing for touch,
to hold the smell of your father’s pressed shirts, singlets,
ties, mother’s scarves & gloves, those young lives you never knew.
If you could tell them now about this poem, read their song,
they still wouldn’t understand. They’d avert their eyes
from your arrangement of words, give a little wave
as if you were touched by the sun.



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Published by Australian Poetry Centre, Melbourne

of Arc & Shadow

of Arc & Shadow
Published by Sunline Press, WA

The Joyous Lake

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Helen Hagemann, MBA(Wrtg) ECowan. Her first literary collection, Evangelyne & other poems, was published by the Australian Poetry Centre in their New Poets Series 2009. 'of Arc & Shadow' is her second full collection published by Sunline Press. She has two e-books, The Joyous Lake & Par écrit: poetry of the feminine @​​docs/joyous_lake/

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