Friday, December 9, 2011

My Tao Name   

What do you think of my name, Joyous Lake, 
I asked my daughter over the phone, 
when I had finished deleting  
another sex site on my Twitter account. 
A loud burst of laughter followed. It 
descended down the line, over the waterfowl 
paddling the lilies and into the rivers beyond. 
Further still from the poems I had created with the 
Chinese I-Ching, an ancient Taoist symbol. The Lake 
regardless of change can achieve tranquility in 
disturbance, Chinese scholars say. Why can't 
"Bliss" and "Jude in the Mood" tell this apart 
from a whorehouse of sexual arousal. Nothing
surprises me in this virtual world, these ladies
imagining 'Joyous Lake' as a red light district. 
Might they compare the deeper soft petals of silk,
black-stringed corset to a lotus flower on a lake,
magpies in taught suspendered trees, caroling.



Published by Australian Poetry Centre, Melbourne

of Arc & Shadow

of Arc & Shadow
Published by Sunline Press, WA

The Joyous Lake

Par écrit

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