Monday, December 17, 2012

Perfumed with Black Intentions

the oil of a piano bar
leather jackets of idleness
voices in a poker card
cigars that look too high
as she smoothes her lipstick dress
and tapered leg
where nights are black stockings
dressed in a body of intentions
daring enough to wave goodbye
to a white suspender
a wrecking pink thigh
sensuous girl in a hurry of g-string
grinning like a roll of wire
customers waiting for the nipple of night
lace at the edge of the stage
a bald man, losing his front row seat
reaches for the holier grail
like a memory of her scented life
his mark of affection
her last season


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Helen Hagemann's first literary collection, Evangelyne & other poems, was published by the Australian Poetry Centre in their New Poets Series 2009. 'of Arc & Shadow' is her second full collection published by Sunline Press. She has two e-books, The Joyous Lake & Par écrit: poetry of the feminine @​​docs/joyous_lake/


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