Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update:  10th September, 2013
I have been sent the . jpg cover  which now means I can set up a Facebook author page, post the pic on my website as well as here on the blog. I am really thrilled with the production of the book, esp. the cover which is artwork by Sarah Robey. I have also been invited to read  at "Voicebox" on 23rd September in Fremantle. The other two guests are Morgan Yasbincek and Neil J. Pattinson. I read with Morgan about three years ago when Voicebox was at the Tropicana Cafe, and met Neil and his lovely wife when they first attended the Perth Poetry Club at the Court Hotel in Northbridge. I was reading from Evangelyne & other poems. Neil loved the poem "First Sex" and bought the book. Synchronicity is the word for this next September gig.

Update:  4th September, 2013
Picked up the Proof copy of the book today. It's amazing how from previous days' edits and time in between there are still things to rectify.  My poem titles are all in italics and there were three that were not. Also I have three section pages in the book:  1. Cool Hollows  2. Adventurers & 3. Family.  Cool Hollows (in uniformity) was in italics, the other two not!  Nevertheless I am grateful to Roland Leach of Sunline Press as he's been marvellous to work with. A cool, cool poet.  The cover is absolutely amazing in book form, and the fish are growing on me, or should I say everything is swimmingly good.

28th August, 2013
First Draft of my new book cover arrived today.  I am so pleased that the cover reflects the poetry. The design is built around one particular poem called - Surveyors of Arc and Shadow.  There's a little hitch with the ampersand not being there, but this is minor; also my photo and bio placement on back cover. It's amazing, though, how my publisher Sunline Press is definitely tuned in to the work.


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of Arc & Shadow

of Arc & Shadow
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