Friday, March 28, 2014

The Art of Restoration

               First be a magnificent artist and then you can do whatever, but the art must be
                                                                                    first.      (Francisco de Goya)

I have three man-sheds of Beetle parts
to sell to strangers, or v-dub lovers.
There is a danger that I suspect will happen,
my customers will no longer need: a quarter window,
a vintage ashtray, a 70s lid or Porche wheels,
and I am left with what may befall me
   - a load of junk.

Then something occurs in life, that you
do not expect. A young father buys a mudguard,
takes it home with two front lights.  I pocket
the cash, reaching out to his fingers as if
we have like-minded hands. I had heard it all before,
I lived with one, men who radiate that glow
of restoration, but barely get things done.

How wrong I was, to think that this young
man, as artist,  as influence to his son,
would not finish a project of a Beetle lamp.
So, there it sits in its separateness,
still, upright, neat in a corner window,
balanced on a block, polished, grinded,
painted somehow to look so perfect
in its skin, its dim lighting.

In the darkness of a room, he tells me,
the lamp shines low beam to high, and apart
from its other deft, intrinsic work, I imagine
that sometime late at night, when all is quiet,
it will rattle, growl, twist without inhibition,
purr - just a little - towards the brightness
of an open road.


Acknowledgement:  It gives me great pleasure to write this poem (although, only a first draft). However, my congratulations go to Adam Harris, the artist, who has not only restored a Beetle fender into a lamp, but has restored my faith in people who get things done!  He managed this in only a few weeks. Adam is also a prize winner and I wish him well if he enters his work in an award. Hopefully, and quite soon I will post a link to the West Australian Volkswagen Club's newsletter, as we are expecting to read an article about Adam's great piece of work.


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