Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review of Published to Public - Monday 10th March, 2014
About 70 people graced the ground floor of the Subiaco Library on Monday 10th March at 6pm. Subiaco residents and others were invited to the forum, being enticed with wine and pizza. The program, Published to Public was hosted by the library in an initiative to bring local writers to the fore in their Arts & Culture program. Eight writers including myself, Sarah Evans, Vivienne Glance, Marguerite Henshaw, Josette Van Der Burg, Peter Sellick, Danielle Weile, and Glennys Marsdon each showcased their work on eight separate tables where members of the public could initially mingle around and ask questions of the writers.  What followed was then a presentation by each writer on how they got started with writing. I was able to read my two grandmother poems, explaining to the audience that my poetry was narrative poetry, and that I was an exponent of the accessible. All in all, the night was very successful and enjoyable, having sold three of my new collection "of Arc & Shadow". The report back from the library was that with excellent feedback they will host many more of these local authors' events.



Published by Australian Poetry Centre, Melbourne

of Arc & Shadow

of Arc & Shadow
Published by Sunline Press, WA

The Joyous Lake

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