Thursday, June 26, 2014

Painting by Paige Preston Byrne (Washington, DC)

                                                                  stone bird

                                                                  stone bird sits
                                                                  in the middle of time
                                                                  inquisitive little fellow
                                                                  his tiny head looking over something
                                                                  perhaps he feels the wind, or hears
                                                                  the striking waves on the shore
                                                                  he can't fly
                                                                  but lives beyond
                                                                  the brushstrokes of art

Please note: the following was translated from a Catalan dictionary app.  The correct Catalan
is soon to come, kindly translated by folks at Can Serrat for the Open Studio

                                                                  pedra ocell

                                                                  pedra ocell se senti
                                                                  en el medi de temps
                                                                  homenet inquisitiu
                                                                  el cap tony buscant per alunga cosa
                                                                  potser se sent el vent,  o escolta
                                                                  les onades pegant a la riba
                                                                  ell no pot volar
                                                                  sino que viu mes enlla de
                                                                  les pinzellades d'art


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