Sunday, January 21, 2018

This is an Instagram poem @
I started using Paintshop Pro, but that proved difficult and so lucky for me a fellow online posted an article how to upload Microsoft Image Composer. I did have the discs ie. for Front Page and also Image Composer, but these days working on a laptop I do not have one that has a CD/DVD drive. Often there are extremely good programs on older versions of Windows and for some unknown reason Microsoft chooses not to include them. They get lost in the ether. You can imagine how thrilled I was to find Image Composer again.  It is so easy to use!
Image overlaid with text is very challenging. You can't have the background image too dark, and of course, the poem needs to convey the picture, but doesn't have to make sense. The poem also needs to be a stand-alone piece of art, and I'm less inclined nowadays to spell things out. It's up to the reader to interpret the text!
I am now following 160 poets on Instagram, some of the poetry is very basic, some of the artwork + poetry combined is excellent. Many of the writers post every day, and I don't think they give their work enough time to mature. That said, it is very pleasing to the eye to see how young people are using Instagram as a vehicle for their art and also it is a medium that is bringing about change.
Being an artist is not only a challenge to be published but also working with new platforms, such as social media is good for your creative bent and also great for your health and well-being. When I comment on an Instagram poem/artwork the writer is usually very grateful for the feedback. I am tempted to edit some poems, and say, I think the poem ended at the fourth last line, but I hold back as this is not what it is all about. It's about Spilled Ink aka Spilled Poetry, Spilled Words and Images that entertain.

1st Beach image to work with

2nd image poem - not positioned right!
Helen Hagemann (c) Copyright
Image: My own photography - Bunbury ocean beach, Western Australia


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