Thursday, February 14, 2013

Three Abandoned Cats

There are three abandoned cats
in my suburb. Left there as an overnight
stay, perhaps, by the owner. What
on earth did they think? The cats might perhaps
fend for themselves, eat ants, small insects,
birds, geckos, mice, a real feral smorgasbord!
Did they think that two small kittens, thin and black
would knock on every door in the street, beg,
sing, roll-over, sit up cute or leg rub a shin?
What cruelty! What malicious intent! What
ignorance of a small cat's need. So much
sadness to watch this sad occasion, no
neighbours within the streets to take
them in. No sign yet of rescue, although
the writer has tried them all. Think on this,
dear reader, cats are nature, part of our                                                        
world. Why do folks dump so many?
Why are so many killed?

I have been feeding 3 abandoned cats in an empty rental property two streets away from where I live. They are domestic animals, that were once looked after by their owner. Apparently, according to other neighbours in the street, the tenant has moved to the country. There are ways and means of re-housing cats. Shelters, volunteers, there's The Gum Tree, the Quokka, the Cat Haven - as many as the irresponsible people who act out of ignorance and cruelty. The RSPCA advised me about 9 Lives Cats Rescue who try to foster out our little furry friends.

Of course, I am a cat lover and already own 2 that were rescued by me. Anyone else in Perth Western Australia, can call me daytime on 0404666156 if you, or you know of anyone prepared to take one, two or a third pregnant cat in. Thanks, Helen



Published by Australian Poetry Centre, Melbourne

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